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Where can I find good pro-life flyers?

The most effective way to share the pro-life message is through one-on-one conversation. But there may be times you might find it helpful to hand some printed material to someone that they can look at on their own time. See the list under “Pro-Life Flyers, Bumper Stickers and other Materials” on the resources page at the end of this handbook.

The group that produced this handbook, the Pro-Life Action League, offers several excellent flyers on some of the most important topics you will encounter as a pro-life advocate, including:

  • Getting to Know Planned Parenthood draws readers into the controversy surrounding the nation’s largest abortion chain, and exposes their extremism to the American public.
  • Understanding Abortion Later in Pregnancy debunks the myths about late term abortion — including the shocking fact that the vast majority of late term abortions involve both a healthy fetus and a healthy mother.
  • The Abortion Pill: What You Need to Know reveals the horrors of the most common form of abortion — including a powerfully moving image of an embryo killed by the abortion pill.
  • They Were Our Brothers and Sisters invites the reader to sympathize with the victims of abortion by showing what this violent procedure does to their tiny bodies.

To learn more about these impactful flyers and order copies you can share, visit the source listed below.


Pro-Life Action League. “Pro-Life Action Store.” Accessed December 26, 2023. https://shop.prolifeaction.org.

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