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What can I do to fight abortion in my own community?

If you’ve been using this handbook to share the pro-life message with others, you’ve already begun to fight abortion in your own community. And now you may be wondering what else you can do to put your pro-life convictions into action.

There’s a great deal you can do, and the organization that produced this handbook — the Pro-Life Action League — is eager to help you. Here are just a few of the activities the League can equip you to carry out:

  • Public demonstrations that reveal the humanity of the unborn child and the injustice of abortion.
  • Prayer vigils that invoke God’s help and mercy and motivate the faith community.
  • Political action to support pro-life measures, fight pro-abortion bills, or stop abortion from coming to your community.
  • And so much more! Like Jericho Marches, literature distribution, displaying banners on highway overpasses …

To learn more about the many ways you can fight abortion in your own community, visit the source listed below.


Pro-Life Action League. “Take Action in Your Community.” Accessed December 21, 2023. https://prolifeaction.org/action/#community.

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