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If you ban abortion, women will be denied treatment for miscarriage.

Some abortion advocates have claimed that banning abortion means women will be denied medical treatment for miscarriage. However, this claim ignores both the history of abortion in America and the reality today in states where abortion restrictions are in force.

Before Roe v. Wade, when most states banned nearly all abortions, doctors’ ability to care for women undergoing miscarriages was completely unaffected. And that remains the case today, even in states with the strictest abortion limits.

It should also be noted that some abortion advocates have deliberately tried to conflate abortion and miscarriage, exploiting the fact that the D&C procedure used to remove a naturally deceased embryo or fetus is also used in a direct abortion to deliberately kill an embryo or fetus. Banning this procedure for abortion does not affect its use in cases of miscarriage.

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