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Don’t a majority of Americans support legal abortion?

Americans are deeply divided on the abortion issue and have been for decades, with roughly half describing themselves as “pro-choice” and half as “pro-life.” But these labels only tell part of the story, and most people’s views on abortion are more complicated. That said, there is a general consensus that abortion should be permitted early in pregnancy but tightly limited later in pregnancy.  Still, many of those who say they support legal abortion consider it to be morally wrong.

While a majority will say that they believe abortion should be permitted early in pregnancy, 56% generally agree that “human life begins at conception, so a fetus is a person with rights.” Moreover, there is broad public support even among those who identify as pro-choice for measures like parental involvement laws, bans on late term abortion, and restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortion. And significantly, 65% of Americans — nearly two-thirds — believe that the overall number of abortions would be reduced if pregnant women were offered more support.


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