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Does protesting abortion make any difference?

If you spend any significant time out on the front lines of the pro-life movement — demonstrating in the public square, reaching out at abortion facilities, protesting abortion advocates — you may at times wonder if you’re really making any difference. Rest assured, you are. Here are five ways that public protest advances the pro-life cause:

  1. Protest keeps abortion in the public eye. People would like to forget about the shameful injustice of abortion. Every public protest pushes back against this indifference.
  2. Protest educates the public about abortion. If you’ve spent any time sharing the pro-life message, you know how little Americans really understand about abortion and human life in the womb. Your public witness helps to dispel that ignorance.
  3. Protest cuts through media bias. Not only does your public witness against abortion directly reach the people, but you may even be able to earn your own media coverage and use the media itself to share your message. 
  4. Protest advances pro-life public policy. Public action like demonstrations, phone banking, and office visits (lobbying) make the priorities of the pro-life movement visible to elected officials. Such action has been instrumental in both the enactment of pro-life legislation and the scuttling of pro-abortion measures.
  5. Protest saves babies from abortion. The most profound impact our public witness can have is to inspire a woman to cancel an abortion appointment and choose life for her unborn child. Many pro-lifers have even had the opportunity to meet children saved through their activism.

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