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Aren’t abortions only a small percentage of the services Planned Parenthood provides?

While Planned Parenthood officials claim that abortions constitute only 4% of their services, this figure is misleading. Out of the 9.2 million individual services they provided in 2021, 374,155 were abortions — roughly 4%. But this figure fails to account for the fact that a woman visiting Planned Parenthood for an abortion will receive several services — from a pregnancy test to some manner of counseling to the abortion itself — each of which is counted separately.

A closer look at Planned Parenthood’s client and income numbers shows that the abortion figure is actually more than three times what they claim. Out of 2.13 million Planned Parenthood clients in 2021, 18% got abortions. Moreover, abortion accounts for more than half of Planned Parenthood’s total non-government paid income from clinic services.

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