Pro-Life Event

Protest of Greg Hart for DuPage County Chair Fundraiser

DuPage County Chair candidate Greg Hart has thrown pro-lifers under the bus! He ran on a pro-life platform in 2018 for County Board, but is now running ads saying he’ll protect a “woman’s right to choose.” What’s more, his flip-flop on abortion is being funded by the Illinois Republican Party!

Join the protest at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18 outside Roberto’s Ristorante, 483 Spring Road in Elmhurst (map).

Come protest this fundraiser for Hart to send the message to the Republican Party that pro-lifers will not stand for this betrayal.

Find out more about the situation and how you can take action in addition to joining the protest here.

Roberto's Ristorante, 483 Spring Rd, Elmhurst (map)

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