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National “Defund Planned Parenthood” Rally coming February 11

As the fight to strip the nation’s largest abortion chain of its federal funding turns red-hot, the pro-life grassroots is…

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“Pregnancy Termination” Is Not Abortion, and “Gentle Suction” Is Not Gentle

Some time in the next few weeks, my wife is planning to have her pregnancy terminated. Now, lest anyone be…



Pro-Lifers Confront Planned Parenthood with Prayer on Its 100th Anniversary

Candlelight vigil outside Planned Parenthood in Bakersfield, CA [Photo courtesy of Marina Audelo] A recent article at Bustle — a…

Planned Parenthood

Confront Planned Parenthood with Prayer on Their 100th Anniversary

Next month, Planned Parenthood turns 100. That’s 100 years of preying on our families, polluting our culture, and, since 1970,…

Planned Parenthood

Over 10,000 join 1st Annual Nationwide Planned Parenthood Protest

#ProtestPP in Westminster, California On April 23, the Pro-Life Action League coordinated the first-ever annual nationwide Planned Parenthood protest, in…

Planned Parenthood

Will You Accept the Pro-Life Action League’s 2016 Lenten Prayer Challenge?

In past years, the Pro-Life Action League has called on pro-lifers to pray for those involved in the abortion business…


Hundreds of Louisville Pro-Lifers Protest New Planned Parenthood Facility

In January, pro-lifers in Louisville, Kentucky reached out to the Pro-Life Action League for help opposing a new Planned Parenthood…

Planned Parenthood

Prominent Illinois Politicians See the Victims of Abortion at Swanky Planned Parenthood Gala

It’s become a tradition for the Pro-Life Action League to protest Planned Parenthood Illinois Action’s annual fundraising event celebrating Roe…

Planned Parenthood

Are pro-lifers to blame for anti-abortion violence?

Yesterday, charges were filed against Robert Lewis Dear, the man who killed three people in an attack on a Colorado…


Abortionist’s bizarre prayer outside Planned Parenthood conference

I’ve been organizing pro-life street protests for over eight years, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything as…

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Abortionist Skirts Shuttered Clinic’s Legal Woes in NY Times Op-Ed

If anyone in the abortion industry has rock star status right now, it’s Willie Parker. Over the past few years,…

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Pro-Life Action League Confronts Secret Planned Parenthood Abortion Conference

Protest of Planned P’hood’s Forum on Family Planning in Chicago [Photo by Matt Yonke] A few weeks ago, the Pro-Life…