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Summer Internship in Activism with the Pro-Life Action League


We on the Pro-Life Action League staff are excited to announce an opportunity to intern with America‚Äôs premier pro-life activist…

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The Never Ending Saga of NOW v. Scheidler


  Joe Scheidler speaks to reporters after his Nov. 30, 2005 Supreme Court hearing [Photo by EJS] Seven years ago…

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League’s Aurora Office Receives Furniture Donation from Triune Health Group


Chris and Mary Anne Yep (from left) with son Peter, Eric Scheidler and Matt Yonke, and son David, ready to…

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Great Pro-Life Speeches from SpeakOut Illinois Now Available


  Eric Scheidler runs down the top 10 pro-life accomplishments since Roe at SpeakOut Illinois [Photo by Matt Yonke] SpeakOut…

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Enormous Crowd at 40th March for Life


Among those who attended the 40th March for Life in Washington, DC on January 25, one of the most commonly…

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A Look Back at 40 Years Fighting Abortion


Front page of the Buffalo Courier Express, January 23, 1973 January 22, 1973. Anyone familiar with the abortion battles in…

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40 Years of Roe v. Wade Marks Four Decades of Opposition by Pro-Life’s ‘Godfather’


Eric, Joe and Ann Scheidler at the March for Life in Washington DC. Chicago—Wikipedia calls Joe Scheidler the “Father of…

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Eric Scheidler Speaks on Religious Freedom


Eric speaks on religious freedom in Indianapolis, IN Thanks to his role as the national co-director of the Stand Up…

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League’s “CONVERTED” Conference a Great Success


NOTE: All the talks from the CONVERTED conference are now available to watch on this Youtube playlist! Dr. Tony Levatino,…

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Last Day for Discounted Pricing on CONVERTED Conference


The Pro-Life Action League’s conference, “CONVERTED: From Abortion Providers to Pro-Life Activists” takes place September 22 and TODAY is the…


Former Abortionists Join the Pro-Life Movement


Chicago—A new Gallup poll says, “Americans now tilt ‘pro-life’ by a nine-point margin.” But it’s not just the general public…

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Pro-Lifers Outnumber Pro-Choicers 2:1 at “PeptoBus” Protest


Just a few minutes after we finished our “Face the Truth” day in Rockford, IL on August 16 and crowded…

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