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One of the most important things you can do as a pro-life advocate is to share the pro-life message with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and other in your life. One-on-one conversations on this difficult subject, when handled with reason and grace, are by far the most effective way to win converts to the pro-life side.

To help you make this most of this opportunity, the Pro-Life Action League has published Sharing the Pro-Life Message, a 116 page pocket-sized handbook packed with all the facts, figures, and reasoned arguments you need.

Use this guide to make the most effective use of your handbook and become the most effective advocate of unborn children that you can be:

Why your pro-life voice matters so much

You already understand the importance of winning hearts and minds to the pro-life cause. Lives hang in the balance. And while the kind of direct action that we advocate at Pro-Life Action League is essential for keeping abortion in the public eye and opposing abortion advocates, decisions about abortion are made on an individual basis.

That’s why it is so important that every pro-life American be ready and able to defend the pro-life position, share the facts, answer questions, and direct others to the help they need — starting with you!

Although the abortion is often discussed in the media, personal conversations about this issue can be rare, since this can be such an uncomfortable issue to talk about. And that means that every single conversation about abortion is important.

But it’s critical that you have the right tools to confront all the myths, misinformation, and propaganda coming from the abortion lobby. That means having both the best information and the best approach.

That’s just what you’ll get from Sharing the Pro-Life Message

And remember, even if the people you engage with don’t immediately change their minds, your words will stick with them. Then one day when they or someone they care about is involved in an abortion decision, your words may make all the difference in saving a life.

Get your copy of Sharing the Pro-Life Message

If you don’t yet have a copy of Sharing the Pro-Life Message, you can order yours here for just $5 for an individual handbook. Significant discounts are available for ordering two or more copies, and all prices include shipping to your door.

Consider ordering multiple copies so you can keep copies in your desk, your bag, your car, so you’re always ready to share the message. Give a copies to your pro-life friends. Or order a larger quantity to share with your pro-life group, church, school or any other group that to have this indispensable resource in their hands!

What’s inside the handbook?

Sharing the Pro-Life Message is divided into seven clearly tabulated sections, each covering an important aspect of the abortion issue:

  • In the first section, “How to Share the Message,” you’ll learn what the core pro-life message really is what it takes to share that message effectively, including “best practices” for talking about this difficult topic.
  • In “Life in the Womb” you’ll encounter the humanity of our unborn brothers and sisters, including key milestones of fetal development.
  • “Abortion Facts and Figures” presents the latest data on abortion numbers, abortion methods, reasons women say the get abortions, and more.
  • The heart of the handbook is found in “Answers to Common Pro-Choice Arguments,” which provided thorough but succinct responses to nearly every question, objection, or concern you’ll hear from pro-choice people.
  • “Questions of Law” covers how abortion became legal in the U.S., what sorts of restrictions exist on abortion, and what your rights are as a pro-life advocate on the front lines.
  • “Planned Parenthood” exposes the extreme abortion agenda of the nation’s largest abortion provider, and how harmful to our society they really are.
  • And in “Getting Help” you’ll find resources for women facing untimely pregnancy, help for those dealing with the aftermath of abortion, and sources for deepening your knowledge and commitment.

And of course, everything in the handbook is backed up with the latest research, with ample citations.

Opportunities to share the pro-life message

This handbook is an excellent resource for any kind of conversation about abortion. It’s a great resource for online conversations, especially because you can use the online references that accompany each question to back up your claims. But it’s equally useful for in-person conversations, whether they arise among friends, with relatives over the holidays, fellow students at school, or wherever the topic might come up.

You can also use Sharing the Pro-Life Message as a personal study guide for the basics of the abortion debate. Flip through the book from time to time to keep these facts and arguments fresh in your mind.

It can also be an excellent resource for sidewalk counseling, particularly the Life in the Womb and Abortion Facts and Figures sections, which you can use to show abortion-bound mothers the truth about her developing child and what abortion will do to him or her.

Sharing the Pro-Life Message is also an indispensable tool for street activists. In fact, that’s the reason we wrote the book in the first place! In 2009, during a pro-life street display, we were confronted by some students who were raising various objections to our work. Having come up short with an answer, we vowed to never to be without the answers we needed on the street. So we wrote this book and have updated it six times since, each time with the latest statistics and references, as well as new questions and answers.

How to share the message

The pro-life message is simple, but as you’ll notice when you receive your handbook, the entire first section is dedicated to how we speak when we share that message.

You’ll want to read the whole section before you begin putting Sharing the Pro-Life Message to use, but the principles are simple. Listen and pay attention to the person you’re talking to, pray about what to say and listen to the Holy Spirit, be respectful and try to seek common ground, admit when you don’t know an answer to a question.

By engaging in a winsome way, you’ll take people out of a guarded, aggressive stance that will allow them to receive the information you want to convey to them.

Also, be sure to talk like a “normal person.” Don’t use pro-life insider lingo like “pre-born” or “murder mill.” You’ll notice that the handbook even uses the term “pro-choice” for this very reason. Allowing people to define themselves on their own terms and using language they recognize makes the conversation understandable to them instead of putting up roadblocks to mutual understanding.

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