Hold a Jericho March at your local abortion facility

Inspired by the story of Joshua and the Israelites marching around the city of Jericho until God miraculously destroyed the city walls (Joshua 6:1-27), the Jericho Prayer March involves marching around the block where your Planned Parenthood facility is located, praying for God to deliver your community from the evils of abortion.

In its humblest form, your group will simply march around the block in silent prayer. However, there are several ways you can make this event more elaborate and memorable:

  • Start with an opening prayer after participants have gathered, possibly led by a local clergyman.
  • Lead your marches in hymns and prayers as you march around the block.
  • Designate individuals to lead the group in hymns or prayers for different segments of your march—such as clergy from different denominations.
  • Carry a special banner with a cross on it (instructions below), reminiscent of the Crusaders, or other religious images.
  • March around the block 7 times, just as the armies of Joshua circled Jericho 7 times on their final day.
  • At the conclusion of your march, gather for a final prayer or hymn, and share any marching orders for your group.

Want to make your own Jericho banner? To make your Jericho March more visually appealing and inspire your volunteers, you can make your own Jericho banner, like the one depicted in the photo above. Some groups will use multiple banners, having a group process behind each one. Get your Jericho banner instructions here [PDF].

Plan out your route. Well in advance of your event, map out the route you plan to take and do a walk-through to see if there are any logistical concerns. For example, if there are streets to be crossed on your route, youll need to be aware of that and designate leaders to facilitate a large group crossing. If you have a particularly large crowd, you may want to send them out in smaller groups to ease these kinds of concerns. Youll also want to take into account any regular sidewalk counseling presence at the facility, to ensure your event does not disrupt this life-saving outreach.

No way to circle Planned Parenthood? It may be the case that there is no convenient route for circling the block on which your Planned Parenthood is located. In such a case, you may wish to map an alternate route in the area, starting and ending at Planned Parenthood. If youre having difficulty with this, contact the Pro-Life Action League for help.

When to hold your Jericho March? You can hold your Jericho Prayer March any time during the day, but we generally recommend the morning on a Saturday. People tend to have many activities on a Saturday, and you are likely to draw the largest crowd with a morning event.

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