Fight Bad Abortion Bills in Illinois

Urgent action is needed to stop two bills that would make Illinois’s abortion laws the most extreme in the country!

The so-called “Reproductive Health Act” and the “Parental Notice of Abortion Repeal Act” which are currently making their way through the Illinois General Assembly would:

  • Expand abortion in Illinois, making Illinois a hub for late-term abortion and underage abortion.
  • Leave women victim to substandard, uninspected aborabortion facilities and would allow staff other than doctors to perform abortions.
  • Force all insurance plans to provide free abortions, including insurance plans held by religious employers.
  • Strip all conscience protections from healthcare workers and remove all public reporting of abortion statistics.

We have to fight these bills with everything we have. On this page you will find all the resources and actions you can take to do your part.

Take Action

Below find concrete ways you can take action against these bills:

Meet with your State Representative during the Spring Recess

An in-person meeting with your State Rep is by far the most powerful way to have an impact on how your representative will vote on an issue, and the Spring Recess between April 15th and 26th when your Rep will be at home in your district is the perfect time to have one.

To meet your State Rep and urge them to vote NO on these bills, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Schedule your meeting:

  • Click here to look up your State Rep’s phone number.
  • Call and ask to schedule a meeting with your rep some time between April 15-26. If a specific date works best for you, say so.
  • When you call, tell the receptionist that you’re a constituent and what town you live in.
  • It would be especially impactful if you can meet your rep along with your spouse. If you plan to do this, say so when you call.

2. Print out materials to share with your state rep:

  • Be prepared with printed materials to give your State Rep.
  • The Vote NO Handout [PDF] explains why we’re opposed to HB 2495 (the Reproductive Health Act) and HB 2467 (the Repeal of Parental Notice).
  • The Abortion Emergencies handout [PDF] responds to Planned Parenthood’s call for no state oversight of abortion facilities.
    If possible, print this flyer in color.

3. Meet with your state rep:

  • First introduce yourself to your state rep, and thank them for their service to your district.
  • Start with some small talk about your district, or any kind of personal connection you might have.
  • Respectfully explain your objections to HB 2495 and HB 2467, making reference to the “Vote NO” handout.
  • Emphasize that residents of your district do not want to see our state become the abortion capital of the country.

Call your legislators

Make calls to your State Representative and State Senator asking them to vote NO on HB 2495 and HB 2467 for your State Representative, or to vote NO on SB 1942 and SB 1594 for your State Senator.

Click here to find phone number for your State Representative and click here to find the phone number for your State Senator.

File Witness Slips

A “witness slip” is a statement of support or opposition that you can make in lieu of actually attending a committee hearing.

Right now, there are no witness slips needed against these bills, but when there are, you’ll find links and instructions right here.


Use the resources below to print out and give to your legislators or friends and relatives who need information on these pernicious bills:

  • Abortion Emergencies Flyer [PDF]—Planned Parenthood is claiming that abortion in Illinois is safe and doesn’t need regulation. The “Abortion Emergencies” handout responds to Planned Parenthood’s call for no state oversight of abortion facilities with the truth about abortion and images of ambulances outside Illinois abortion facilities. If possible, print this flyer in color.
  • Vote NO Handout [PDF]—This simple handout outlines the major problems with the bad Illinois bills. It’s a great handout for your legislators as there’s room at the bottom of the sheet for you to leave a personal message for your Representative or Senator.
  • 8 Significant Changes to the Law if These Bills Pass [PDF]—This flyer from the Thomas More Society outlines the major changes that would take place in Illinois law if these bills pass.
  • Exhaustive Analysis from Attorney Paul Linton [PDF]—Read attorney Paul Linton’s 13 page in-depth explanation of what the new bills say, and what they could mean for abortion law in the future.

News Coverage

Below you can find news coverage of these extreme abortion bills and the pro-life opposition to them:

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