Hand out a “Dear Pharmacist” letter to oppose abortion pill sales

In March of 2024, the national pharmacy chains Walgreens and CVS announced that they would begin selling the abortion pill mifepristone at some of their stores in abortion-friendly states. In addition to publicly protesting this decision, the Pro-Life Action League is calling on pro-life advocates to appeal directly to their pharmacists to not take part in abortion by dispensing these pills.

We encourage you to take part in the “Dear Pharmacist” project even if abortion pills are not being distributed at pharmacy chains in your state, or if you’re not sure if they’re being sold at your local Walgreens or CVS store. Every pharmacist needs to know about the harms of abortion pills and their conscience rights.

Get your “Dear Pharmacist” letter!

The League has prepared two versions of a “Dear Pharmacist” letter that you can present to the pharmacist at your neighborhood Walgreens or CVS store.

There are three ways you can present this letter to your pharmacist:

  1. Hand the letter to the pharmacist at the pharmacy counter inside the store.
  2. Hand the letter to the pharmacist or pharmacy tech via the drive-through window.
  3. Mail the letter to the store in care of the pharmacist and write “Personal and confidential” on the envelope.

Whichever way you present your “Dear Pharmacist” Letter, be sure to sign your name in the space provided on page 2.

It’s that simple! You don’t need to get into a conversation with the pharmacist about the letter, or the abortion pill, or their duty to serve public health. Just let the letter do its work.

What’s in the “Dear Pharmacist” letter?

Before you hand the letter to your pharmacist, you should read it yourself. You’ll see that the letter addresses several concerns, including:

  • Dangers and risks associated with the abortion pill mifepristone
  • The injustice of using these pills to destroy innocent human life
  • Pharmacists’ right of conscience not to be involved in abortion
  • The problem women face over what to do with the body of their aborted embryo or fetus
  • The epidemic of unwanted abortions that they would be contributing to
  • The fact that medication abortions can be reversed

The letter concludes with a link the pharmacist can follow to get more information, including citations to back up all of the claims in the letter.

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