Host an anniversary vigil at your local abortion facility

Is there a significant date in the history of your local abortion facility? Perhaps the date they opened, or the date your ministry started praying or sidewalk counseling outside the facility, or another date that’s significant to your pro-life community?

If so, these dates could be a great chance to hold an “Anniversary Vigil” outside the facility. These events serve to bring your pro-life community together and energize them to keep up the fight, as well as bringing in new people to your ongoing pro-life mission.

Types of anniversary vigil

Anniversary vigils can take many forms. Be aware of your community and the type of event that’s likely to draw the most people. Also, it’s a good idea to keep your vigil ecumenical in nature. Having clergy from a variety of traditions come and offer prayers is a great idea if you can find them, both to make everyone comfortable and to show the world the unity we have in Christ in fighting for life.

Jericho prayer march at Planned Parenthood in Boston, MA
Jericho prayer march at Planned Parenthood in Boston, MA

Different types of vigils would include a candlelight vigil in the evening, a “Jericho prayer march” where you walk around the block where your abortion facility is located in the manner of the Israelites in the battle of Jericho, or just some simple prayers with the gathered faithful.

Activities for your anniversary vigil

Singing hymns, offering Scripture readings, and hearing reflections from clergy or people who regularly pray or counsel at the facility are all great things to include in any of these events.

Anniversary vigil atmosphere

Avoid a protest-type atmosphere for an event like this and keep the focus on prayer for an end to abortion in our country and the closing of your local facility.

Be sure to take the opportunity to invite everyone present to consider committing to praying one hour a month at the facility or becoming a trained sidewalk counselor and inviting their friends to do the same.

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