What’s behind Walgreens’ free fall? Abortion?

Last week, Walgreens Corporation announced that they would be closing a “significant number” of their stores. This comes after a year during which their stock price dropped 45%. In response, Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler would like to offer the following statement:

Pro-life Americans were dismayed last year when Walgreens, the once-trusted pharmacy chain, announced plans to begin selling abortion pills. Protests were held across the country at Walgreens stores and their national headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois. Protests were held again when Walgreens began actually selling abortion pills in March, but these protests were ignored. Meanwhile, Walgreens stock has plummeted and they are now closing thousands of stores nationwide. This can’t just be a coincidence. Whatever other problems they might have, there’s no doubt that the way Walgreens broke trust with their pro-life customers is hurting their bottom line. I’ve heard from countless pro-life people who have moved their prescriptions and are shopping elsewhere now. My message to Walgreens and their shareholders is: “Get out of the abortion business and win back your pro-life customers!”
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