Pro-Life Victory at Chicago City Council

Today, the Chicago City Council heard a proposal to institute a “quiet zone” around the Family Planning Associates abortion facility to muzzle pro-lifers reaching out to abortion-bound mothers.

My mother, League president Ann Scheidler, went down to the City Council to share her five decades of sidewalk counseling experience, and how much women need to hear our pro-life offers of help.

She also shared a piece of local abortion news in the speech that shocked the room into silence. You won’t want to miss it:

Going into this meeting, everyone was sure the “quiet zone” would be rubber-stamped like so many pro-abortion measures before it in this pro-abortion city.

But after hearing my mother’s comments, the City Council decided to defer the proposal to a later meeting instead of taking a vote today.

This may not be the end of the story, but for today, she won a pro-life victory, and I couldn’t be more proud of her and the rest of my staff and volunteers who showed up to oppose the “quiet zone.”

Please keep the matter in your prayers as we keep up our vigilance to make sure this unconstitutional measure stays down!

And if you need help taking this kind of pro-life action in your community, don’t hesitate to reach out! My team and I are always here to help.

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