Pro-Life Advocates to Oppose Abortion Clinic “Quiet Zone” at Chicago City Council

CHICAGO, MAY 21, 2024 — Tomorrow, the Chicago City Council will consider a measure to establish a “quiet zone” around an abortion facility in downtown Chicago, Family Planning Associates (FPA) at 659 W. Washington. Free speech advocates from the Pro-Life Action League — who have done pro-life outreach at FPA — plan to attend and speak out against the measure, which they’re calling a clear violation of the First Amendment.

“I’ve been reaching out to offer help to women outside abortion clinics in Chicago for nearly 50 years,” said Ann Scheidler, vice president of the Pro-Life Action League. “Time after time these women have told me, ‘I have no choice’ — someone else is making that decision for them. I’m there to empower them to resist that pressure, to offer them a real choice, and now the City of Chicago is trying to silence me.” Scheidler referred to a recent study showing only a third of women describe their abortions as a truly free choice.

Scheidler also highlighted a lawsuit filed last month against the Chicago Public Schools by a woman who was sexually abused by a high school dean and forced by him to get two abortions. “We don’t know which Chicago abortion clinic allowed this abuser to pose as his victim’s stepfather to hide his crimes with these coerced abortions,” said Scheidler. “But the last thing we need right now is more special treatment for Chicago abortion clinics.”

  • What: Pro-life advocates to speak out against “quiet zone” at Chicago City Council meeting
  • When: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Where: City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago (map)
  • Who: Pro-Life Action League staff and volunteers, and concerned citizens
  • On Site Contact: Matt Yonke, (630) 896-1200

Scheidler plans to speak up at tomorrow’s City Council meeting, along with other pro-life advocates who reach out to offer women help outside Chicago abortion clinics. She will be available after the meeting to offer comments to the media.

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