PRESS RELEASE: League to Protest Pritzker 8/10


Pro-Life Group to Protest Gov. Pritzker at Personal PAC Garden Party

“What About Unwanted Abortions?” Asks Pro-Life Leader

Contact: Eric Scheidler, (773) 251-8792, ejs@prolifeaction.org

CHICAGO, AUGUST 9, 2022 — Staff and volunteers of the Pro-Life Action League will protest a Personal PAC “Garden Party” honoring pro-abortion Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and other political allies on Wednesday at a home in upscale Highland Park. Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, both Pritzker and Personal PAC have stepped up efforts to make Illinois an abortion “haven,” calling on women from throughout the Midwest to travel to this state for abortions. Pro-life protesters will be calling on the governor to instead seek common ground on abortion in Illinois.

“J.B. Pritzker is ignoring the common sense views on abortion held by a majority of Illinoisans,” said Eric J. Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League. “He even went to far as to repeal our state’s parental notice of abortion law, a measure supported by four out of five Illinois parents. With nearby states beginning to limit abortion, we will soon be hearing horror stories of girls secreted to Illinois for abortions by the older men exploiting them.” Scheidler pointed to the case of former Indiana middle school principal Peter Downey, who was charged last year with felony child seduction, and in 2008 brought his victim to Chicago for an abortion, five years before the parental notice law went into effect.

“Pritzker is also ignoring the real wishes of disadvantaged women, who are statistically far more likely to oppose abortion than the one-percenters attending Personal PAC’s garden party,” Scheidler said. “Rather than signaling to poor women that their children are unwanted in our state, he should be offering them the help they need to provide their children a safe and nurturing home. Many abortions are desperately unwanted, but J.B. Pritzker doesn’t seem to care about that.”

  • What: Protest of J.B. Pritzker and Personal PAC
  • When: Wednesday, August 10 at 4:30 p.m. Central Time
  • Where: 1425 Waverly Road, Highland Park, Illinois (map)
  • Who: Pro-Life Action League and concerned citizens
  • On Site Contact: Eric Scheidler, (773) 251-8792

The pro-life group plans to line posh Waverly Road, where the Personal PAC gala is being held, with signs showing the reality of abortion, appealing to party guests to reject the violence of abortion and seek common ground with voters on this controversial issue.

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About the Pro-Life Action League 

The Pro-Life Action League was founded by the late Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980 with the aim of saving babies from abortion through direct action, and is now headed by Joe’s son, Eric. Not content to await a political or judicial solution to abortion, the League seeks to stop the killing of unborn children right now through all available peaceful means, including public protest, sidewalk counseling, education, youth outreach, and national leadership. Visit prolifeaction.org to learn more.

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