“Pro-choice” State Rep Backs Down in Face of Pro-Life Protest

Nearly 100 people turned out at the Aurora office of Illinois State Rep. Barbara Hernandez to oppose her sponsorship of HB4221, the so-called Pregnancy Center Disclosure Act, designed to undermine the life-saving outreach of pro-life pregnancy care centers.

This morning, before our protest, Rep. Hernandez quietly removed herself as chief sponsor of the bill and was replaced by Rep. Kelly Cassidy. She also said in an email response to a pro-life Illinois resident, “Due to other bills I have in my priority list I won’t be calling this bill this year.”

During the protest, Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler called Rep. Hernandez’s office to request that she come out and explain her support for this measure to her constituents, but was told by the receptionist that she would only communicate with us via email.

The Pro-Life Action League is declaring victory in the fight against HB4221, and we hope that Rep. Hernandez will think twice before sponsoring such radical pro-abortion legislation in the future, knowing this is far out of step with the constituents.

A press release about today’s protest can be found here.

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