Formerly Pro-Life DuPage County Politician Takes a Pro-Abortion Turn

It’s with a heavy heart that the Pro-Life Action League reports on the story of a formerly pro-life politician in DuPage County, Illinois who has taken a turn to the dark side.

Greg Hart, a young up-and-coming business consultant, was appointed to the DuPage County Board to represent District 3 in 2017. Hart then won election for a full, four-year term in 2018 running on a pro-life platform, as affirmed by Illinois Right to Life (see full voter guide here [PDF].

Hart is now running for DuPage County Chairman. During the primary, he let DuPage County pro-life voters think he was pro-life. He even went so far as to prominently feature his then very pregnant wife Alexandra in campaign commercials and flyers.

But last week, Greg Hart suddenly declared that he’s pro-choice!

The League was first alerted to this disturbing betrayal by a supporter who sent us a video featuring Alexandra Hart declaring that Greg supports “a woman’s right to choose,” and portraying the pro-life position — his former position! — as “extreme.”

Needless to say we were disturbed. To hear a Republican candidate talking about protecting the “right to choose” and saying abortion isn’t one of the “things that matter” to him is quite a turn for a bright young man who once campaigned hard with pro-life former State Rep Peter Breen. Adding insult to injury, Hart touts his membership at St. Isaac Jogues parish in Hinsdale.

His campaign also sent out text messages in his wife’s voice to area residents, pictured below:

The texts read:

I’m Alex Hart, Greg Hart’s wife. I’m appalled at the lies Greg’s opponent is spreading about him. Why do some politicians feel it’s ok to lie to get voters to get elected?

Greg’s opponent wants you to believe he is a political extremist. He’s not.

Greg is a moderate who rejects the political extremes. As County Board Chairman, he will not restrict a woman’s right to choose. He will focus on what’s important: Better schools, lower taxes, cutting red tape, and keeping our families safe.

Do you want a political candidate who will protect women’s rights and focus on what’s important to your families? Do you want a candidate who you can trust and won’t lie about their opponent’s record? I do and I know Greg is that candidate.

But even more disturbing than the video or those text messages was a flyer Hart sent out — again, using his wife’s words — with the headline “PROTECT WOMEN’S RIGHTS.” Alexandra is quoted saying her husband “will always protect women’s rights and never restrict our right to choose.”

What’s so troubling about this mailing is that it was paid for by the Illinois Republican Party. According to our sources in Springfield, this means that the top brass of the Illinois Republican Party signed off on this pro-abortion strategy and funded it.

That means the Illinois Republican Party is officially backing candidates in the very act of abandoning the pro-life position — even as our state is becoming the Abortion Capital of the United States!

Greg Hart says he’s not an extremist — but what could be more extreme than current Illinois abortion policy, which includes:

  • Taxpayer funding of abortion
  • No Parental Notice of Abortion — a policy just repealed by Democrats
  • No state oversight of abortion facilities
  • Abortion on demand into the third trimester of pregnancy

Hart says he rejects all abortion restrictions. That means he’s on board with the abortion extremism of J.B. Pritzker and the Illinois Democratic Party!

Illinois pro-life voters are being thrown under the bus so that Greg Hart won’t have the smell of the pro-life position on him. But we won’t put up with it! That’s why we’re calling you to action.

Let the Illinois Republican Party know what you think

We need to bombard the Illinois Republican Party with messages letting them know that this kind of action is completely unacceptable. Here’s what you can to today:

  1. Call the Illinois Republican Party at 312-201-9000 and tell them you’re outraged that they’ve funded Greg Hart’s campaign that trivializes abortion and throws pro-lifers under the bus, and demand that they cease campaigning this way and apologize publicly.
  2. Send an email to Illinois Republican Party Chair Don Tracy. Click here to send an email to Don Tracy. You’ll find a prepared message which you can feel free to modify with your own words or send as is after adding your name.
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