New Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Abortions Are UP

Planned Parenthood released their 2019-2020 annual report over the weekend.* Not surprisingly, their abortion numbers are up yet again, reaching a new high of 354,871.

Meanwhile, their other services are dropping.

In the last decade:

  • Breast exams are down 67%.
  • Pap tests are down 70%.
  • Prenatal visits are down 79%.

And if you go back to the beginning of this century, the increase in abortions at Planned Parenthood is even more stark: Since the year 2000, abortions at Planned Parenthood are up 80%.

Since that time, their share of the abortion market has continually, but quietly, grown. Most Americans have no idea that Planned Parenthood now performs 40% of all abortions in the U.S.!

What can we do about this?

We have to educate our neighbors, and tell them the truth about Planned Parenthood. That’s why we developed our “Getting to Know Planned Parenthood” flyer. From the outside, this flyer looks like a piece of Planned Parenthood’s own propaganda, so your pro-choice friend or relative won’t just throw it away!

But inside, they’ll learn the shocking truth about Planned Parenthood — including their lies about being a real health care provider, their numerous violations of the law, and their true identity as the nation’s largest abortion chain.

If you want to help educate your fellow Americans about Planned Parenthood, order a packet of 100 “Getting to Know Planned Parenthood” flyers for just $19.95, including shipping.

As the American economy opens up more and more, there will be more and more opportunities to share the truth about Planned Parenthood. Be prepared for these moments by getting your packet of 100 “Getting to Know Planned Parenthood” flyers today!


* Note: Planned Parenthood’s 2019-2020 annual report covers October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.

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