2021 Face the Truth Tour Recap

Truth Tour in Libertyville, Illinois, June 18

From June 18-26, the Pro-Life Action League carried out the Joseph M. Scheidler Memorial Face the Truth Tour, honoring our founder in this year of his passing. On the Tour, the League brings large signs depicting the victims of abortion to line busy intersections across northeast Illinois.

This year’s tour was a great success! We had excellent turnout at most sites, beautiful weather but for a few spots of rain, passed out thousands of pieces of pro-life literature, and reached hundreds of thousands of drivers and passersby with our message that unborn children should be welcomed into the human family. Generous benefactors of the League provided lunch nearly every day, and many excellent conversations took place on the street with people who stopped to let us know what they thought or ask questions.

Each day of the Tour, our executive director Eric Scheidler went LIVE on Facebook with a video about the day’s events. These videos were shared with our Facebook and YouTube audiences, but if you didn’t see them live, each of the videos is posted below so you can find out all about the Tour!

If you’re inspired by what you see here, join the Truth Tour Team with a gift to support the kind of bold pro-life activism you’re seeing here.

Day 1: Why we’re thankful for Joe today

In this video from Mundelein, Illinois, Eric talks about why we’re thankful for our beloved founder and Eric’s father, the late Joe Scheidler, even after his passing in January. Note: The sound on this video is very quiet. The subsequent videos don’t have this problem!

Day 2: Four encounters from our day

Eric shares four different encounters from the day on Chicago’s north side that show different aspects of how the Face the Truth campaign effects people.

Day 3: We did our job today

It was “just” a regular day on the Face the Truth Tour, but Eric shares about why that’s a good thing in this video live from Wheaton, Illinois.

Day 4: Here’s what motivated HER

One woman’s reasons for joining the Face the Truth Tour in Lake Zurich, Illinois might surprise you.

Day 5: Defending the rights of ALL

Pro-life activism isn’t just about defending unborn babies from abortion. It’s about protecting everyone’s rights, as Eric shares in this video from Mokena, Illinois.

Day 6: Reporting on the big picture

In Joliet, Illinois, Eric gives a report on the big things going on in the pro-life movement right now.

Day 7: Fighting over a thumbs up?

A strange encounter within a vehicle that was related by a young volunteer on the south side of Chicago.

Day 8: A drive through our public display

Eric takes a drive through the Face the Truth display in Naperville, Illinois so you can see what it looks like from a driver’s eye view.

Finale: Two stories of babies saved from abortion

From the closing site of the Joseph M. Scheidler Memorial Face the Truth Tour, Eric Scheidler shares two stories of babies saved from abortion and the role pro-life activism played.

The kind of impact you’re seeing in this final live video of the Tour is only possible because people like you are stepping up to support the Pro-Life Action League. Join the Truth Tour Team with a gift to keep that impact going!

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