Listen to the 911 Call: Medical Emergency at Aurora, Illinois Planned Parenthood

On September 11th, a pro-life sidewalk counselor sent us video footage of a woman being removed from the Aurora, Illinois Planned Parenthood abortion facility on a stretcher and placed into an ambulance.

The Pro-Life Action League subsequently filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the audio of the 911 call made by Planned Parenthood, which you can listen to in the video below:

After the Planned Parenthood employee (who identifies herself as a nurse) requests the ambulance, she then tells the 911 dispatcher, “I can give you some information.” We’ve listened to hundreds of 911 calls from abortion clinics over the years, and we can’t recall ever previously hearing an abortion clinic employee say this to a 911 dispatcher. It’s the sort of thing that quite literally goes without saying.

But it does raise the question: Does the employee mean that the information she’s willing to give has been cleared by her superiors? Rather than wait for questions, the employee seems to have already determined the scope of the details she’s willing to divulge and has the jump on the 911 dispatcher so that she can avoid uncomfortable questions she’s not allowed to answer.  (Indeed, other abortion clinics take a similar approach when dealing with medical emergencies.)

The audio continues:

PP employee: We can have, like, the ambulance, it doesn’t need sirens, uh…they can come on the southwest entrance, uh…a stretcher is required…and the address we’re at…

911 Dispatcher: O.K.

PP employee: …is 3051 East New York Street in Aurora.

911 Dispatcher: O.K. And I’m assuming a female?

PP employee: Yes, it is a female…

Notice that the Planned Parenthood employee is telling the 911 operator what to do and not allowing the 911 operator to go through her script to assess what’s going on and make appropriate choices.

Clearly, it seems that Planned Parenthood is seeking to control the scope of the information to be divulged by preempting the conversation. Notice in particular that the 911 dispatcher never even asks if the patient was bleeding, or where the bleeding was coming from, or if she had had a procedure.

Why Won’t Planned Parenthood’s Employee Use the Word “Hemorrhage”?

When asked by the 911 dispatcher to explain the nature of the medical emergency, the Planned Parenthood employee says, “We’re just having some, um, clotting that needs to…be addressed in a different facility. Blood clotting.”

Surely the employee uses the word “clotting” to avoid saying “hemorrhage” or “bleeding”. While there are clotting issues like deep vein thrombosis (i.e., blood clots in the legs), it’s highly unlikely that that is the issue here–if it were, the employee would simply say that there is a patient with a possible blood clot or DVT.  And given the pauses in the employee’s speech, it seems clear that her wording is manipulated.

Planned Parenthood’s Third Medical Emergency in Five Months

This incident marks the third medical emergency at this Planned Parenthood location in the last five months.

This abortion facility has been unlicensed since it opened in 2007 and has thus never been inspected by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). And with the passage of Illinois’ so-called Reproductive Health Act last year, nearly all abortion facilities in the state are now likewise unlicensed and not subject to inspection and oversight by the IDPH.

Sadly, the “Reproductive Health Act” all but guarantees that there will be more ambulances called to Illinois abortion facilities in years to come.

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