Assaults at Planned Parenthood Fundraiser + Joe Scheidler at David Daleiden trial

The week of Halloween was a big one here at the Pro-Life Action League.

On October 29, the League held a huge protest of a Planned Parenthood Halloween-themed fundraiser at Chicago’s Revolution Brewing, and later in the week, League National Director Joe Scheidler joined Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman in San Francisco to sit in on the trial of David Daleiden for the infamous videos showing Planned Parenthood selling baby parts that he released in 2015.

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Amazing protest of Planned Parenthood “Halloween” fundraiser

We used some brand new tactics for the Planned Parenthood fundraiser protest that were hugely effective, disrupting Planned Parenthood’s event and making life difficult for the venue who chose to host the nation’s largest abortion chain for a fundraiser for the third time!

Plus, there were three separate instances of assault against pro-lifers during the protest. Check out the videos below to see what we were up to, and how police responded to these attacks on us as we exercised our 1st Amendment rights:

A report from the front lines in Chicago

Wow! We got lasers! Bullhorns! Planned Parenthood’s guests can’t be having much fun up there.

You won’t believe how the cops handled TWO assaults during tonight’s protest of Planned Parenthood’s fundraiser:

WARNING: Explicit language! VIDEO: Creative Protest of Planned Parenthood’s “Trivia Night” on 10/29/2019

Joe Scheidler observes the David Daleiden trial in San Francisco

The next day, our founder Joe Scheidler hopped on a plane for San Francisco to sit in on the trial of David Daleiden.

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David, like Joe many years ago in the historic NOW v. Scheidler case, is being tried for violating the federal “RICO” statue that is typically used to prosecute mobsters, racketeers, and others running criminal enterprises across state lines.

Hear Joe’s take on the trial in the videos below:

Our founder Joe Scheidler is heading to San Francisco for the David Daleiden trial

Joe Scheidler and Troy Newman outside the Daleiden trial

Joe Scheidler along with Troy Newman and Sandra Merritt with the latest update from the David Daleiden trial in San Francisco

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