Champaign, Illinois Clinic No Longer Doing Abortions

Until recently, Women’s Health Practice (WHP) in Champaign—home of to the main campus of the University of Illinois—had been doing abortions up to 24 weeks. But this morning we heard from local pro-life activist Renee Mullen, who informed us that WHP is no longer doing abortions at all!

What’s more, all mentions of the word “abortion” appear to have been removed entirely from the Women’s Health Practice website.

Pro-lifers in Champaign, Illinois sing Christmas carols outside Women’s Health Practice in December 2017

WHP had been the site of 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns in the fall of 2017 and the spring of 2018, and Renee had also led a Peace in the Womb Christmas caroling event there in December 2017. When she contacted WHP to ask why they were no longer doing abortions, she was told it was due to “picketers” and that WHP didn’t want “picketers hurting their other business.”

Think about that for a minute. We’ve known for years how effective robust pro-life activism is in the fight against abortion, because doctors want to be subject to protests about as much as they want to be hit with a malpractice suit.

The decision of Women’s Health Practice to stop doing abortions is one more example that proves the point.

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