What Can We Do In Response to Rauner’s Betrayal on HB40? Here Are Three Ideas

By now you’ve heard that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner broke his promise and signed HB40 into law yesterday.

That means that you and I will now have to pay for abortions through public aid, and state employee health plans.

It also means that at least 3,800 and as many as 12,000 more abortions will happen in Illinois every year.

This is a profound betrayal. Rauner had promised to veto this bill. He even told Cardinal Cupich that he wouldn’t sign it.

But then he went ahead and signed HB40 anyway.

What can you do in response to Rauner’s betrayal? I’ve got three ideas to share with you:

1. Call the Governor. If you voted for Rauner in 2014, please give him a call and tell him that he has lost your vote, and you will not vote for him in 2018. Here’s the number for his office in Springfield: 217-782-0244.

2. Join Tomorrow’s Rally. Students for Life is holding a protest rally at noon on Saturday, September 30 at the State of Illinois Building in downtown Chicago. Come out and raise your voice!

3. Come Out to Aurora on Sunday. Now more than ever, we have to be there outside the abortion centers. Join me for Sunday’s 10th Anniversary candlelight vigil at Planned Parenthood Aurora, 7:00-8:00 p.m. Get details on the vigil here.

As betrayed as you and I feel right now, the ones really betrayed are our unborn brothers and sisters. Illinois has become a more dangerous place for them.

We must fight that much harder to save them.

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