Pro-lifers crash Planned Parenthood abortion party in Chicago

Every spring, Planned Parenthood of Illinois holds a fundraiser with an unbelievably ironic title. They call it the “Generations Celebration” in spite of the fact that they’ve been decimating generations since 1973!

Needless to say, when Planned Parenthood holds a fundraiser in Chicago, the headquarter city of the Pro-Life Action League, they can expect a protest.

And that’s exactly what we did the evening of April 26. Our staff headed out to the Chicago Sheraton Grand Hotel to show Planned Parenthood’s donors exactly what they were supporting.

Arriving on the scene, we were surprised to see about a dozen bicycle cops and a paddy wagon awaiting our arrival. This was surprising as we’ve always found Chicago police to be very reasonable, not overreacting to the type of protest we’ve been executing here in Chicago for decades.

Fortunately the officers were very nice and, after seeing that such a massive police presence was wholly unnecessary, retreated to the shelter of the hotel’s parking awning as there was rain in the forecast. Thankfully it held off and we had lovely weather the whole protest.

About 15 pro-lifers came out—a good crowd for a weeknight protest in a location outside the business center of the city—and held signs depicting a victim of second trimester abortion, along with a eight foot by three foot banner reading “DEFUND Planned Parenthood”! Others held signs reading “Planned Parenthood LIES to You” and still others handed out a fact sheet on why PP should be defunded [PDF].

Check out the video below to hear our national director Joe Scheidler’s thoughts on why we protest these events:

It was a very successful protest overall. Hundreds of passersby heard and saw the truth about abortion, and, more importantly, their wealthy donors saw the face of the victims of what Planned Parenthood does. Those images leave an impact, and hopefully some of those donors left the event with less enthusiasm for what the nation’s largest abortion chain does.

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