Remembering Norma McCorvey

Pro-Life Action League founder Joe Scheidler released this statement on the death of Norma McCorvey, February 18:

I first met “Jane Roe” in 1989 at the National Organization for Women March. My executive assistant, Tommie Romano, interviewed her for the Pro-Life Action League’s Action News. Roe had recently revealed her real identity as Norma McCorvey and she was still a darling of the pro-choice movement. They had shamelessly used her in their campaign to legalize abortion and they continued to parade her before cameras—but never allowed her to speak.

In 1995 Miss Norma, as she liked to be called, had a change of heart. She was tired of her treatment at the hands of the feminists. And through many prayers and the unabashed kindness of Rhonda Mackey’s little daughters, Miss Norma embraced the pro-life movement and Christianity.

I got to know Miss Norma better in the mid-1990s. She spoke at one of our Meet the Abortion Providers conferences and when I was sued by National Organization for Women, she came to testify at my RICO trial. Interestingly, the NOW attorney got Judge David Coar to rule that the jury was not allowed to know Miss Norma had been Jane Roe or that she regretted her role in legalizing abortion.

Miss Norma agonized over her part in bringing about the abortion Holocaust in America. She became a Catholic. She placed her trust in Jesus. But abortion still haunted her. We will miss Miss Norma, but I trust she is now at peace with Christ.

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