Illinois Pro-Lifers: Call Governor Rauner and Urge Him to Veto HB40

This morning news broke that HB40, the bill that would force Illinois taxpayers to pay for abortions, has been sent to Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk.

Not only would HB40 fund abortion, but it would actually increase abortions in Illinois by as much as 12,000 a year. Tens of thousands more unborn children will die if Rauner signs this bill!

In April, Rauner promised to veto the bill, but now there is concern that he may be wavering on that promise. You and I have to act now to hold Rauner’s feet to the fire!

Here are three things that you can do to fight this bill:

1. Call

Please call Governor Rauner’s Chicago and Springfield offices and say, “I’m counting on the Governor to keep his promise and veto HB40.” Call BOTH the Springfield and Chicago numbers:

  • Springfield: (217) 782-0244
  • Chicago: (312) 814-2121


If you voted for Bruce Rauner in the 2014 election — as very many pro-lifers did — send him a handwritten note telling him he will lose your vote in the 2018 election if he signs HB40.

And tell him you’ll urge all your pro-life friends to do the same. Here’s the address to send your personal letter:

Office of the Governor
207 State House
Springfield, IL 62706


Help spread the word! Use the Facebook, Twitter and email buttons at the bottom of this post to share the action alert with all your pro-life friends.

I’m confident was can STOP taxpayer funding of abortion in Illinois, but only if every single one of us takes part in the battle. Please join me in defeating HB40!

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