New abortion victim images start conversations across Chicagoland

Last week the Pro-Life Action League held our 18th annual “Face the Truth” Tour with our all new display of images of the victims of abortion into the public square at to busy intersections across our home state of Illinois.

Staff and volunteers unanimously agreed that the new signs were having a completely different impact than our previous abortion victim photo displays had. Conversations abounded, and people frequently stopped to take pictures of the signs—some even specifically telling us they were going to send them to a friend or family member considering abortion right now!

We’ll have a full report of all the amazing stories from the Tour soon, but for now, check out these videos from our executive director Eric Scheidler, one from each day of the Tour, and some links to news coverage below those.

Day One: His only baby picture.


Day Two: Ten perfect fingers.


Day Three: The new display is sparking conversation!


Day Four: “They Were Our Brothers and Sisters” brings healing for the pain of past abortions


Day Five: She’ll never learn to walk.


Day Six: What’s a double-sided life sign?


Day Seven: Fair Warning


Day Eight: The core message: “They Were Our Brothers and Sisters”


Truth Tour Press Coverage

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