“They Were Our Brothers and Sisters:” Join Us As We Show the Victims of Abortion

The Pro-Life Action League’s “Face the Truth” Tour kicks off a week from today, and the great news is that this year’s tour will feature a brand new display with all new signs.

The Tour will be taking place all across Chicagoland from July 7-15. You can get maps and times here.

I’m calling this display, “They Were Our Brothers and Sisters,” and it seeks to focus on the humanity of the victims of abortion, rather than the blood and gore of the abortion procedure. Each of the images focuses in on one part of these babies’ tiny bodies, and invites those viewing the display to contemplate these children’s humanity, and feel the loss of their lives.

This new display of abortion victim images is going to have a more powerful impact than ever. You can see the new signs for yourself here.

I hope I’ll see you out on the streets July 7-15 as we show our fellow citizens the tragic toll abortion is taking on our culture. If you can make even one or two sites, you’ll be a huge help to the campaign.

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