URGENT: Tell Gov. Rauner to Veto Attack on Conscience Rights

Illinois abortionYesterday, the Illinois House of Representatives narrowly passed SB 1564, a pernicious piece of legislation that would force pro-life doctors and pregnancy centers to refer for abortion.

We’ve been fighting this bill for over two years. You’ve probably made calls to your State Representative trying to stop it. But all is not lost!

The bill now goes to Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk. If, like me, you live in Illinois, I’m asking you to reach out to the governor in two ways today:

1. Call Gov. Rauner’s Chicago and Springfield offices

We need to pull out all the stops this time, so please call both offices and say:

I’m calling to urge Governor Rauner to VETO SB 1564 because it violates rights of conscience and it will embroil the state in a lengthy, costly legal battle!

Here are the numbers to call — please call both:

  • Chicago Office: 312-814-2121
  • Springfield Office: 217-782-0244

2. E-mail Governor Rauner

After you’ve made the calls, send an email to Governor Rauner urging him to veto SB 1564.

Thanks for taking these urgent steps to help protect our pro-life medical professionals. Let’s raise a cry the Governor can’t ignore!

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