Hundreds of Louisville Pro-Lifers Protest New Planned Parenthood Facility

In January, pro-lifers in Louisville, Kentucky reached out to the Pro-Life Action League for help opposing a new Planned Parenthood clinic that had just opened in their town.

We were more than happy to help. Fighting the nation’s largest abortion chain is central to the League’s mission! We consulted on the phone with local activist Nate Robertson to get a handle on the situation and then set to work assisting them with finding out how Planned Parenthood had snuck into town without the pro-life community hearing about it, and finding ways to oppose the new facility.

At first it seemed there was some time to craft a strategy as Planned Parenthood had announced that they would begin performing abortion sometime in the spring. But the day after we spoke with Nate, Planned Parenthood announced that they had, in fact, already begun performing abortions!

Fortunately, newly elected Kentucky governor Matt Bevin was on the case and took a bold stand, ordering Planned Parenthood to stop abortions immediately as they were not properly licensed to perform them. (Read the letter from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services here [PDF].)

Planned Parenthood had been planning to open this clinic for sometime, working alongside the former governor who was pro-abortion and insisted that they had been told their paperwork was in order, but Governor Bevin’s letter made it clear that their license application had been denied because it was “deficient for multiple reasons”, including a lack of transfer agreements with local hospitals and ambulance services. Planned Parenthood stated that they would cease performing abortions until the situation was rectified.

With the governor’s letter in the news, we knew the time was right to act, so Nate and other local pro-life activists including Angela Minter of Sisters for Life immediately set to work on a protest for Saturday, February 6. The League helped local pro-life activists plan their protest, reach out to the media, and shipped protest signs to Louisville reading “Planned Parenthood LIES to You” and “Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts.” We also crafted a flyer for the protest and another upcoming pro-life event to rally the community.

The local activist team did an amazing job getting the word out, and 200 pro-lifers came out to protest the new facility! Having timed the protest around the news, tons of media outlets covered the story, both before and after the day of the protest. The impact was huge!

Having come out in opposition to the new abortion facility and rallied the local pro-life community, the fight continues. The Pro-Life Action League’s research team is currently studying the legal situation to find out how we can keep Planned Parenthood from performing any more abortions in Louisville. Please keep the situation in your prayers as we move forward in the ongoing fight to stop Planned Parenthood, and if you’re in the Louisville area, contact the League to find out how you can get involved!

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