Lawsuit against Chicago “Bubble Zone” Gets National Media Attention

PLAL founder Joe Scheidler talks to WBEZ’s Dan Weissman outside Chicago Planned Parenthood [Photo by John Jansen]

In our previous article about yesterday’s press conference and protest held outside Planned Parenthood’s Near North abortion facility in support of our lawsuit against Chicago’s “bubble zone” ordinance, we said that this case was sure to receive a great deal of media attention.

And, indeed, it already has.

Here is a partial list of news stories covering the lawsuit that have appeared in the past 24 hours:

See also the video below by Armando Sanchez of the Chicago Tribune, which includes remarks by Pro-Life Action League vice president Ann Scheidler and volunteer sidewalk counselor Veronica Price:

Note also the comments in the video above by Planned Parenthood’s Julie Lynn, who talked about the “expert reproductive health care” provided by her employer. Let the record show that Lynn spoke these cruelly ironic words outside the very building where 24-year old Tonya Reaves had an abortion on July 20, 2012, and died the same day.

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