Planned Parenthood decries sting video team for “fake” company and “heavy editing.” They ought to know.

Little girl with Planned Parenthood Lies to You signPlanned Parenthood has gone into full damage-control mode in the midst of the controversy created by a series of undercover videos that show top doctors at the organization haggling over the prices of aborted baby parts—and even joking about it.

Unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood has tried to shift attention from the heartless greed these videos reveal—shocking even to the average “pro-choice” person—by attacking the pro-life whistleblowers.

Today, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards published an article in the Washington Post today in which she denounces the Center for Medical Progress—the pro-life outfit that produced the videos—for creating a “fake business” and making “misleading corporate filings.”

Well, she ought to know.

That’s precisely the strategy that Planned Parenthood used in 2006-2007 when they sought to open up their mega-center in Aurora, Illinois. Planned Parenthood created two different front companies—21st Century Office Development, LLC, and Gemini Office Development, LLC—to keep their true identity from the people of Aurora.

They used these companies to purchase land, navigate through the planning and development process, gain building permits, and secure millions of dollars in tax-free funding. Only when the building was nearly complete did news break that Planned Parenthood was coming to town.

Planned Parenthood used a similar strategy of deception to build mega-centers in Denver, New Orleans and other cities.

Now Cecile Richards is getting a taste of her own medicine, and she doesn’t seem to like it much.

Richards is also denouncing the sting videos for being “heavily edited.” Again, she ought to know.

Once public outcry was raised over Planned Parenthood’s strategy of deception in Aurora—led by the Pro-Life Action League—they responded by attacking their opponents in letters to the Aurora City Council and full-page ads in local newspapers.

These ads and letters were heavily edited to say the least!

Planned Parenthood claimed the Pro-Life Action League has a “well-documented history of advocating violence” and cited the NOW v. Scheidler case to back up this claim.

But what they failed to mention is that Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League won that case in two decisive Supreme Court rulings in 2003 and 2006. The jury verdict against my father, the League and the other defendants was thrown out by the highest court in the land!

In fact, they didn’t even give the name of that case, instead referring to the docket number, making it much more difficult for anyone to learn the truth about case—including the fact that no acts of violence were ever attributed to Joe Scheidler or the League.

Contrast this with the Center for Medical Progress, which has made all the raw footage used in their videos available for anyone to see.

Back to 2007, Planned Parenthood’s full-page ads also included a picture of an burnt-out abortion clinic in Michigan. But they didn’t bother to mention this was an unsolved crime from the 1980s. It could have been the clinic operator trying to cash in on insurance money, or a father furious about his child being aborted. But it certainly wasn’t the work of the Pro-Life Action League, which is committed to non-violence.

So it turns out Planned Parenthood knows a lot about creating fake companies and “heavily editing” the truth about their opponents. But there’s a difference.

While Planned Parenthood’s is trying to avoid public scrutiny and increase profits (for example, their deception in Aurora eventually allowed them to stop paying property taxes), the Center for Medical Progress is seeking to blow the whistle on horrifying misdeeds by the abortion giant.

And they’re succeeding. People are seeing right through Planned Parenthood’s attempt to shoot the messenger—and seeing for themselves what a corrupt and corrupting organization Planned Parenthood really is.

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