Pro-Lifers Tell Wendy Davis: Aborted Baby Girls Will Never Get to Wear Pink Shoes

Dearborn protest

Protest of Planned Parenthood and Wendy Davis [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

On Monday, May 18, the Pro-Life Action League joined Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Pro-Life Detroit to protest a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Dearborn, Michigan.

The keynote speaker for the luncheon was none other than Wendy Davis, known in the media as the “Abortion Barbie” after her filibuster of a landmark pro-life bill in the Texas state legislature in 2013.

Ensuring that Planned Parenthood can’t throw an abortion party without protest is a big part of our mission at the Pro-Life Action League, and when we heard Davis would be the keynote speaker at this event, we knew we had to be there.

Starting Out Bright and Early

To make it to the lunchtime fundraiser in time for the guests arriving to see our signs, we had to set out at 5:00 a.m. from our home base in Aurora, Illinois with myself, League executive director Eric Scheidler, our colleague John Jansen, Eric’s son Sam and volunteer Benedict Wiesner.

After four and a half hours on the road, we arrived in Dearborn and met up with Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-life Society. Volunteers were already arriving and setting up signs along the road by one entrance to the Henry Hotel where the event was being held.

Dearborn protest

Protesters outside the Henry Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

Monica’s contingent held signs with photos of abortion victims she had taken herself in the 1980s, when recovering aborted babies’ remains was more achievable. We set up signs on the two other approaches to the hotel, including pictures of baby Malachi, who was aborted in the 2nd trimester, and a baby girl aborted in the third trimester.

Attached to the third trimester signs, we had smaller signs reading, “She’ll never get to wear pink shoes” with a pair of pink booties, in response to the left’s obsession with Wendy Davis’s pink tennis shoes she wore during her filibuster.

In all nearly 90 pro-lifers came to expose the reality of abortion to Planned Parenthood’s donors.

Remarkable Protection from Dearborn Police

The final set of signs we set up were directly across the street from the entrance to the hotel, where every single one of the attendees would have to see them on their way in.

Dearborn protest

Police protecting our First Amendment rights [Photo by Sam Scheidler]

We weren’t sure at first if this spot was on public or private property, but we decided to try it since it was such a crucial position, and deal with being asked to leave if it happened.

We hadn’t been there for more than two or three minutes when a Planned Parenthood rep came storming out of the hotel, demanding that security make us leave. Police were soon called, and I was certain they would try to make us move.

Much to my surprise, they said that based on the placement of fire hydrants and light poles, we were on a public easement and were well within our First Amendment rights to be there!

Officers later came and introduced themselves, gave us some guidelines (obvious things like no blocking traffic), and told us to let them know if we had any problems. Several officers stayed for most of the protest and gave us no trouble whatsoever.

Pink Shoes Abound!

Later in the protest, we were joined by a young mother with her toddler daughter asleep in a stroller.

Dearborn protest

Baby girl and her baby doll wear pink shoes at the protest [Photo by Eric Scheidler]

Not only was her daughter wearing pink shoes, she was cuddling a baby doll who also wore pink shoes!

Planned Parenthood may think they own the color pink, but they can think again!

Another young mother was there with her child who had been saved from abortion by Monica Miller’s husband Edmund at their local abortion clinic. It was a beautiful witness to see the life that flourishes when people offer compassionate help to women in difficult pregnancies, instead of the death and pain that Planned Parenthood offers.

Slow Valet Service Provides Greater Impact

Toward the end of the protest, the attendees began to exit the building and wait for their cars from the valet service.

Though we were at the end of the scheduled protest, we decided to stay a little longer to take advantage of a captive audience.

The valet service was so slow that at one point, there were nearly 100 people waiting for their cars outside the hotel, who had no choice but to view the reality of abortion. Hopefully these extra moments caused some to reexamine their commitment to this barbaric practice.

Pro-Life Fellowship After a Successful Protest

Donate NowAt the end of the protest, we gathered with local activists at an A&W restaurant down the street for some lunch and camaraderie.

We were honored to join forces with these brave Michigan pro-lifers and take a stand against Planned Parenthood. Thanks to all who came and made the event the success it was!

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