Did Planned Parenthood Abortionist Mandy Gittler Commit Perjury in Tonya Reaves Deposition?

mandy gittler depositionPlanned Parenthood abortionist Mandy Gittler was responsible for the death of 24-year old Tonya Reaves in Chicago on July 20, 2012.

And with the recent release of her 165-page deposition [PDF] as part of a civil suit filed against Planned Parenthood, et al., on behalf of Reaves’ sole heir, there is much more that we now know about the case — but there is still much that we do not know.

Early News Stories, Autopsy Report Listed Wrong Planned Parenthood Location

CBS Radio’s Chicago affiliate, News Radio 780 WBBM, broke the story of Tonya Reaves’ death the following day, July 21, 2012. Citing evidence from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, WBBM’s Steve Miller reported that Reaves’ abortion had occurred at 18 S. Michigan Avenue, which is the location of Planned Parenthood’s Loop Health Center.

That detail came as a surprise to us, since the website for the Loop Health Center indicated [PDF] — in a passage that was later deleted — that only limited services (birth control, emergency contraception, and medication abortion; i.e., the abortion pill, or RU-486) were available at that facility.

We suspected that Tonya Reaves’ abortion might have actually been performed at Planned Parenthood’s Near North Center, located at 1200 N. LaSalle Street, which does perform surgical abortions.

But there was no evidence to confirm our suspicion — until now.

On page 132 of the deposition, abortionist Gittler mentions that Tonya Reaves’ car was parked in the Treasure Island parking lot.

What is the significance of this seemingly inconsequential detail?

There are only six Treasure Island Foods grocery stores in the city of Chicago — and none is even remotely close to 18 S. Michigan Avenue (the location listed in the autopsy report and early news stories).

There is, however, a Treasure Island Foods located at 75 W. Elm Street — a mere two blocks from Planned Parenthood’s Near North Center at 1200 N. LaSalle, around which all available on-street parking is metered.

Without a doubt, that is where Tonya Reaves’ abortion occurred — not at 18 S. Michigan.

No Record of 911 Call

Here’s where things get interesting.

Another early news story from WBBM reporter Steve Miller, citing the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Report, indicates that Reaves was transferred by a Chicago Fire Department ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she later died.

On page 122 of the deposition, Gittler states, “I didn’t call the ambulance. The nurse does.”  Then, on page 136, Gittler is asked to read an excerpt from her medical notes regarding her treatment of Tonya Reaves, and she explicitly states that 911 was called.

And yet the attorney questioning Gittler did not ask her any further questions about the supposed 911 call.

This lack of follow-up on the part of the questioning attorney is enormously disappointing.

More than one year prior, the Pro-Life Action League had published evidence obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that no 911 calls had been placed by the Planned Parenthood location at 18 S. Michigan, where Tonya Reaves’ abortion was said to have taken place.

It’s unclear why no additional questions were asked of Gittler regarding the supposed 911 call.  But once we read the deposition last week and ascertained that Tonya Reaves’ abortion had actually occurred at Planned Parenthood’s Near North Center at 1200 N. LaSalle, we filed another FOIA request with the City of Chicago to find out if any 911 calls had been made on July 20, 2012 from that location.

We just received a response [PDF] from the city’s Office of Emergency Management verifying that no 911 calls were made from Planned Parenthood’s Near North Center on the day Tonya Reaves died.


To recap:

In her sworn deposition, Planned Parenthood abortionist Mandy Gittler explicitly stated that 911 was called on the day Tonya Reaves had an abortion and later died. Yet there is no record of any 911 call from Planned Parenthood on that day.

In light of these facts, the question must be asked: Did abortionist Mandy Gittler perjure herself?

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