Voice of Choice Website Removes Pro-Life “Bully List”

Voice of Choice bully listFor the last few years, League staffers Ann and Joe Scheidler and myself have all been listed on a “bully list” on a website called Voice of Choice, where pro-lifers’ home addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal data were listed without their consent so that pro-choice people could call and harass them.

The irony here is pretty thick—the Scheidlers and myself have never committed violence against any pro-choice person, while pro-choice activists have attacked the Scheidlers and their home, offices and property untold times over their decades of pro-life activism!

In March of last year, I even appeared on National Public Radio’s Air Talk program with the fellow who runs the site, late-term abortion clinic owner Todd Stave. Listen to that debate here:


Today we were surprised to see that the list had been taken down!

Though we were aware of a lawsuit that had been filed against Voice of Choice in December of last year by pro-lifers over the bully list, we’d heard no updates prior to the mysterious removal of the list today.

The site gives no indication as to what motivated its owners to take down the list. Whether it was legal proceedings against them had been successful, whether they simply decided that harassing pro-lifers wasn’t the best way to advance their cause, or something else entirely is impossible to say unless or until more details emerge.

But for the time being, we’re happy that this pro-abortion bullying movement has stopped their unproductive tactics.

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