911 Call Shows How Little Planned Parenthood Cares about Women’s Health

The recordings of a 911 call and a dispatcher’s ambulance call reveal Planned Parenthood’s diligence—but only when it comes to protecting their business from public scrutiny.

On Saturday, January 18, 2014, an ambulance appeared at the huge Planned Parenthood facility in Aurora, Illinois, during the Pro-Life Action League’s monthly protest there. I caught the incident on camera, as did volunteers with the Live Pro-Life youth group. The recordings were later obtained with help from the Thomas More Society through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

911 Operator Rebukes Planned Parenthood Staffer

The ambulance arrived at approximately 9:40 a.m. Shortly after 10:00 a.m., paramedics exited the main doors with a patient on a gurney and loaded it into the ambulance. They left about 10:10 a.m.

On both the 911 call and on the radio with paramedics, the dispatcher is clearly frustrated at how little information Planned Parenthood has given her about the status of their patient. The Planned Parenthood employee on the phone even seems reluctant to give the name of the business she’s calling from:

Dispatcher: Aurora 911.

PP Staffer: Yes, I need an ambulance, uh, to my location, please.

Dispatcher: Where are you at?

PP Staffer: 3051 East New York Street —

Dispatcher: Okay, what do you need —

PP Staffer: — Planned Parenthood.

Dispatcher: Okay, what do you need an ambulance for?

PP Staffer: Um, I was just directed by the doctor to call. I’m not sure what’s going on with the patient.

Dispatcher: Okay, can, can you — I need some sort of information.

PP Staffer: I, I —

Dispatcher: Is there any way —

PP Staffer: I honestly —

Dispatcher: — you can find that out?

PP Staffer: Hm?

Dispatcher: Is there any way you can find that out?

But no more information is forthcoming—at least regarding the unfortunate Planned Parenthood client—and the operator takes the staffer to task:

PP Staffer: All they told me is that somebody fainted and we need and ambulance.

Dispatcher: Alright. We’ll send someone over, but next time I need patient information, okay?

Unfazed by the operator’s rebuke, the Planned Parenthood staffer moves on to the only detailed information she’s prepared to share: where the paramedics should park:

PP Staffer: Okay. And can you ask them to come to the southwest entrance?

Dispatcher: Okay.

PP Staffer: Thank you.

The dispatcher’s frustration is evident in her call to the ambulance. After giving the address, she reports:

Dispatcher: Unknown patient status. They have no information. They’re saying to use the southwest entrance.

Planned Parenthood Desperate to Avoid Public Scrutiny

So why is the Planned Parenthood staffer so reluctant to say what’s wrong with the patient—or why did the doctor deliberately keep her in the dark?

Planned Parenthood knows that the Pro-Life Action League and allied groups keep tabs on abortion clinic emergencies like this. Are they so reluctant to let word get out about what really goes on inside their walls that they won’t give emergency personnel the information they need?

Planned Parenthood’s slogan is “Care. No Matter what.” But it appears that what Planned Parenthood really cares about is protecting itself from public scrutiny.

In this case Planned Parenthood’s neglect to give emergency personnel adequate information served only to annoy them—the patient appeared to have revived by the time she was taken away by the ambulance.

But the results of Planned Parenthood’s negligence can be far more dire. In 2012, Planned Parenthood failed to even call 911 when 24-year-old Tonya Reaves was under their “care” after a botched abortion at their clinic on Chicago’s near north side. In February, Planned Parenthood of Illinois settled a wrongful death suit with Tonya’s surviving son.

Meanwhile, in Springfield and other state capitals, Planned Parenthood desperately fights any effort to hold them to the same standards required of other surgical centers, even the looser standards required in Illinois for “pregnancy termination speciality centers.” None of Planned Parenthood’s Illinois clinics is subject to any state inspection regime.

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