League Protests “Abortion Incorporated” Gala Event at Chicago’s Navy Pier

Protest of Planned Parenthood Gala in Chicago

Despite driving gusts up to 35mph, over 30 pro-life activists came out yesterday to be a part of Pro-Life Action League’s protest of Planned Parenthood’s swanky “Generations Gala” fundraiser held at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Among those on hand were a group from Springfield Right to Life that made the three-hour drive from Illinois’ capital city. Additionally, two other pro-lifers (one from Michigan, one from Connecticut) had already planned to be in Chicago yesterday, and made it a specific point to lend their support of our protest of the nation’s largest abortion chain.

We made sure to have all the entry points onto Navy Pier covered, so as Planned Parenthood’s well-heeled donors made their way to the event, they were confronted with large signs bearing the message “Abortion is not health care” and showing the graphic reality of what abortion does to a baby.

Protest of Planned Parenthood Gala in Chicago

We also held other signs reading “Planned Parenthood Lies to you” and “Ahead: President of Abortion Inc.”, the latter of which was a new sign we created specifically for this protest, since Planned Parenthood Federation of America president and CEO Cecile “I work hard for my salary” Richards was a guest of honor at the event.

Also present at the gala was Contraception Cheerleader-in-Chief Sandra Fluke, along with the Pro-Life Action League’s longtime legal adversary, Fay Clayton, as well as Illinois’ stridently pro-abortion Attorney General, Lisa Madigan.

The challenging weather conditions notwithstanding, the protest ran smoothly, and drew media coverage from CBS Radio’s Chicago affiliate, WBBM Radio.

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