Abortion Pill Deception—The Logical Fruit of Pro-Abortion Philosophy

Helen Dean and baby

Helen Dean and the baby her husband tried to abort

Two stories in the news today highlight the disturbing trend of men attempting, sometimes successfully, to trick their wives or girlfriends into taking abortion pills.

The first, out of Florida, is one James Welden who obtained abortion pills under false pretenses and tricked his pregnant girlfriend into taking them saying they were antibiotic pills. He told the woman his father, an OB-GYN who had recently seen her to confirm the pregnancy, prescribed the medicine for an infection.

Welden feigned caring for her through the illness even as she expressed worry that something might be wrong with the baby. When she began bleeding heavily the next day she became suspicious that the pills were not antibiotics. Welden originally faced murder charges, but because there is no evidence that the pills actually caused the miscarriage, he is awaiting sentencing on a reduced charge of wire fraud and tampering and could face as much as 13 years in prison.

The second story comes out of Cardiff, Wales where Karim Habibi attempted to procure an abortion pill from his local doctor’s office. Shockingly, he told the nurse that he intended to give the pill to his wife without her knowledge!

Fortunately the nurse knew this was both illegal and profoundly immoral and reported Habibi to police. He was given a 15 month prison sentence which was suspended for two years, as well as a five year restraining order from the mother and child.

The Logical End of Pro-Abortion Philosohpy

This disturbing trend highlights the horror of what the pro-life community has long called the “culture of death”. With the ever-easier availability of abortion and the increasing ease of the procedure itself—now available in a convenient pill—our culture has coarsened and become desensitized to death.

Our culture has largely accepted the argument that, if a child is unwanted, it is the parents’ right to have it killed, provided they do the deed before the child is born. These fathers have merely acted on that premise, perhaps more boldly than others would dare, but the rationale is just the same.

A New Generation of Raskolnikovs

Cover of 'Crime and Punishment'It puts one in mind of Dostoyevsky’s Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment who, under the influence of philosophers like Frederich Nietzsche, decides that society’s rules do not apply to men like him and kills an old woman to prove it to himself.

These fathers have been told that the value of their children’s lives depend on their being wanted. Since they do not want them, they decide that they can kill them. They have taken pro-abortion reasoning to its logical end, and it makes even abortion supporters squeamish.

The judge in the case from Wales told the father, “Your aim was to fool your girlfriend, cause her to take a tablet that would cause your son to be aborted. That’s a terrible thing to do.” But he doesn’t say why.

The reason he doesn’t is because, in a nation where it’s legal to kill children in the womb, you can’t say out loud that it’s a horrible thing to kill a child in the womb. The worst you can say about these cases is that it’s a terrible thing to trick people, but we all know there’s something far more disgusting than trickery going on here.

C.S. Lewis wrote in The Abolition of Man:

We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

We have raised a generation to believe that the life of the child in the womb means nothing, that it is to be discarded if we do not want it, and are shocked when they kill their children when they do not want them.

Abortion supporters, you sewed the seeds. This is the fruit that comes of them.

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