Why is Obama Distancing Himself from Planned Parenthood? One Word: Gosnell.

Cecile Richards and President Obama 

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards with President Obama

Lifenews.com reports a shocking development. President Obama was scheduled to give the keynote address at Planned Parenthood’s “Time to Care” fundraising gala in Washington DC tomorrow night, but just announced he is backing out of the engagement, opting to speak to a much smaller, low-profile gathering of Planned Parenthood supporters on Friday.

This is the first time President Obama has put any distance whatsoever between himself and Planned Parenthood or abortion writ large. He resisted cutting any government support to Planned Parenthood in budget deals and has publicly promoted them, even to the point of producing a public service announcement telling everyone just how great the nation’s largest abortion chain is.

Now, only a day before the event, the President has backed out citing “schedule changes” that would allow him to spend more time at a memorial for victims of the tragic explosion in Waco, Texas.

Why Is Obama Really Ditching Planned Parenthood?

But wait a minute. Obama’s schedule had been planned out with both the Waco memorial and the Planned Parenthood Gala. Now all of a sudden, he needs to spend more time with the Waco victims?

While compassion for the families of the deceased is certainly laudable, it hardly explains ditching a major event for an organization that spent $13 million dollars on his second campaign for President alone!

So what does account for the “schedule change”? One word: Gosnell.

This is the one moment President Obama does not want his name seen in conjunction with abortion in any way shape or form. And what better excuse could there be? Compassion for victims is the excuse which can never be questioned! Doubtless Planned Parenthood would throw him under the bus as quickly as they did Susan G. Komen for the Cure if he didn’t have an airtight alibi for ditching them.

After last week’s pro-life tweet fests that forced the mainstream media to reluctantly cover the Gosnell trial, who hasn’t seen the photos of those poor children with scissor wounds in the back of their neck? They’ve been everywhere, and even many liberal commentators who support abortion passionately have admitted it’s made them think about things they’d rather not think about when it comes to abortion.

Not only that, but I’ve seen dozens of pro-life people who haven’t been active in fighting abortion previously get fired up after seeing the atrocities of Gosnell’s clinic and realizing that what’s going on in every abortion clinic is equally horrific.

Now is simply not the time to have people thinking about you and abortion in the same sentence, and the President knows this. So he’s doing the sensible thing politically speaking: leaving Planned Parenthood swinging in the wind.

Planned Parenthood Has Outlived Their Usefulness

Planned Parenthood has served their purpose for Obama. They moved mountains and blew piles of cash to help get him elected—twice. But now, with no more looming elections, they’ve outlived their usefulness to him. For the moment, he stands only to lose by publicly aligning himself with them, so he simply won’t do it.

But we’ve known all along the simple truth that this President’s moral commitments are paper thin. Remember when he came into office opposing gay marriage and then “evolved” on the issue? He’s just had another moment of evolution! He’s evolved into realizing that right now, at least, there’s no political capital in supporting abortion, so he won’t.

That’s not what moral commitment looks like. If he truly believed that abortion was a fundamental human right and necessary for women’s freedom he would be denouncing Gosnell for doing it wrong and praising Planned Parenthood for doing it right. But he doesn’t believe that. He sticks to his moral commitments as long as they work for him and not one second longer. And let’s not forget that Planned Parenthood isn’t doing it right.

All in all, this is good news. I love to see Planned Parenthood left in the lurch. And if he is distancing himself from abortion because he realizes it’s unpopular, that’s a good sign! Our full-court press on the media has had an effect and abortion is registering as a little more icky in the public mind, which it obviously should.

Surely Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was none too pleased with the President’s decision. Maybe we’ll ask her about it when we protest their fundraiser in Chicago next week!

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