Bogus Charges Dropped against Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor

Pro-life sidewalk counselor Anna Maria MesiaYesterday the City of Chicago dismissed charges of disorderly conduct against 65-year old Anna Marie Mesia (pictured at right), who had been arrested for allegedly violating the city’s “bubble zone” ordinance outside the Albany Medical Surgical Center abortion facility on October 4.

The charges were dropped for the simple reason that no Albany employees were willing to testify, nor was Albany’s manager, Diana Maracich, willing to produce video surveillance footage of Mesia’s alleged crime.

Mesia was previously arrested outside the Albany abortion facility on July 26, 2012, when Albany staff accused her of assaulting a patient the previous day—when Mesia wasn’t even there.

Charges stemming from that arrest were dropped against Mesia when no Albany employee appeared at her court date.

It’s no surprise why Albany wants Anna Marie Mesia arrested. As sidewalk counselors go, she’s among the best. She’s holy, prayerful, loving, compassionate, bilingual—and fearless. She has talked countless women out of abortion outside Albany, and they don’t like that, because it hurts their bottom line.

What is outrageous, though, is the fact that Chicago Police have done Albany’s bidding by actually arresting Mesia on bogus charges—not once, but twice in the past six months.

Chicago’s “bubble zone” ordinance has resulted in harassment of pro-lifers and gross violations of their First Amendment rights ever since it was enacted in 2009.

It’s got to go.

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