League to Protest Outside Abortionist Cheryl Chastine’s Family Practice Office

After we found out last month that Dr. Cheryl Chastine, the new owner of the South Wind Women’s Center abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas had a family practice in our own backyard, we knew we had to stage a full-blown protest outside her office, which we did on April 17, when a crowd of 40 pro-life activists lined the sidewalks in front of Total Wellness, Inc. in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park.

Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler told LifeSiteNews that the strong turnout showed that “pro-lifers are really energized for this kind of activism that goes right to the heart of the abortion cartel.”

That was the first protest outside abortionist Cheryl Chastine’s office, and everyone agreed it should not be the last.

And it won’t be.

As long as Cheryl Chastine is involved in the abortion industry, she should expect regular protests outside her pleasant looking office, complete with graphic images of aborted babies, along with the message “Abortion is not health care,” as well as large, yellow, arrow-shaped signs saying simply “Abortionist”.

Our next protest is coming up.  Here are the details:

  • Event: Protest at Total Wellness, Inc., the Office of Abortionist Cheryl Chastine
  • When: Wednesday, May 22 at 11:30 a.m.
  • Where: 917 S. Oak Park Avenue [map]

Join us!

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