Pro-Lifers Celebrate Permanent Closing of Abortion Mill in Livonia, Michigan

I stood in the operating room of an abortion mill Saturday, and did an interview relating how hard pro-lifers had worked for three decades to make it possible now to wander through this now abandoned building where tens of thousands of children had been killed.

The empty building was the former Women’s Advisory Clinic in Livonia, MI. Many years ago I had broken an injunction to protest there. Now it is just one of seven abortion facilities in Michigan closed through the efforts of pro-lifers in the past eight months alone. I had been invited to take part in a celebration-memorial by activist Lynn Mills, who played a key role in the clinic’s demise.

Despite the fact that killing babies has been legal since the infamous Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton abortion decisions of 1973, Women’s Advisory has been in constant trouble with the law since its founding. The list of horror stories goes on and on—violations of health rules, destruction of records, employing hack doctors, a baby’s head left in a patient’s uterus, misdiagnosed pregnancies—all of these were part of its history.

Now it is closed for good, and the building will never again see abortion: that’s part of the deed restriction.

On the program Saturday with Lynn and me were Rev. Michael Panich of the Cornerstone Worship Center, post-abortive woman Robin Sullivan, Len Simon (who was once jailed in the same cell with pro-abortionists), Al Kresta of Ave Maria Radio, and Fr. Joseph Marquis, pastor of Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church.

The colorful Crusaders for Life were also there to release yellow “LIFE” balloons at the close of the ceremony. More than 150 attended the event.

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