Delaware Abortionist Throws Planned Parenthood Under the Bus

Dr. Timothy Liveright

Timothy Liveright in his strange appearance as an abortionist in the 2010 film Blue Valentine

In a surprising turn of events, Planned Parenthood, notorious for tossing anyone in its way under the bus, has been thrown under the bus by the possibly unhinged abortionist in their Delaware “House of Horrors 2.0”.

The story broke back in April that two nurses from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Wilmington, Delaware had come forward with allegations of unsafe conditions not unlike those found in Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia “House of Horrors.” The facility stopped performing abortions for a few weeks while investigations were conducted.

Today, testimony comes forth from the abortionist himself, Dr. Timothy Liveright, who says he did nothing wrong, but that the conditions in the clinic were due to Planned Parenthood’s mismanagement of the clinic!

Creepy, Negligent Doctor Blames Disastrous Conditions on Planned Parenthood

Liveright has previously been accused of sexual impropriety with patients and staff, leaving patients sedated before their procedures to attend to “emergencies” with his private airplane or herd of goats (yes, you read that right), just to name a few incidents. But he insisted to officials that they would find his record exemplary and that the real culprit was Planned Parenthood. What was so wrong with Planned Parenthood? From the DelMarvaNow.com story:

There have been “several” medical directors, he said, adding that he once served in the post temporarily “while waiting for another person to come on board.” One director spent a lot of time doing work around the country for Planned Parenthood and “was on the road more than she was at the clinic,” he said.

The state’s recent report and the agency’s response echoed Liveright’s sentiments in citing staff turnover and vacant management positions as a reason for some of the problems. Some employees with inadequate training were put in supervisory positions, he said.

So who’s to blame here? Planned Parenthood’s incompetence, or Liveright’s bizarre behavior? It seems pretty obvious the answer is BOTH.

What kind of organization would hire a creep like Liveright in the first place? Certainly not a competently managed one.

Liveright also blames Planned Parenthood for not listening to the complaints of the two nurses who ratted him out! He’s essentially saying if he had been caught earlier, these deplorable conditions would never have been present.

Wilmington Planned Parenthood: The Rule, Not the Exception

This is precisely what we’ve come to expect from the abortion industry: lies upon lies covering up mountains of the evil behavior. Our Meet the Abortion Providers videos are filled with stories like these dating from the early days of legal abortion to the present day. When killing people is your business, day in and day out for decades, incidents like these become the norm.

That’s why it’s so important that we spread the word about the reality of Planned Parenthood. Share this story and others like it, and don’t let your pro-abortion friends forget the fact that this isn’t the horrible back alley that desperate women were driven to. This is the supposedly safe, happy, pretty, pink Planned Parenthood that they love so well.

Once people see through Planned Parenthood’s propaganda to the truth that they hurt women, protect predators and suck down tax dollars by the hundreds of millions, they’ll be one step closer to being able to see that abortion is wrong each and every time.

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