I Want Katie Klabusich to Keep on Talking!

Katie Klabusich

No, Katie! Don’t tape your mouth closed!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece in this space critiquing one aspect of a blog post by pro-abortion activist and blogger Katie Klabusich.

Katie’s post was a scattershot rant about how terrible pro-life sidewalk counselors and prayer partners are (Note: They’re not), in which she repeated the common pro-abortion trope that the images of aborted babies we use in our activism are fake (Note: They’re not).

Katie then “responded” to my piece with another blog post. I put responded in quotes because she didn’t actually address any of my evidence that our pictures are real.

I get it. Like I said in my post, the pictures make it clear that something awful is going on in each and every abortion and that requires a response. Katie’s response, along with many other pro-choice people, is to bury her head in the sand and misdirect people’s attention to other issues.

My Nefarious Hidden Agenda!

But Klabusich implies a nefarious hidden agenda in my addressing her lies about our pictures:

The Pro-Life Action League (PLAL) staffer who penned the “rebuttal” has a clear intent – and it isn’t to reeducate me or to inform the larger public about abortion facts. His sole purpose is to intimidate me and others into silence. The hope is that flooding my site with antichoice propaganda and personal attacks while publishing my picture on the PLAL page will sit me back down and have me looking over my shoulder. Sir, I’m afraid I have bad news:

You can’t intimidate me.

Oh, Katie. Come now. I don’t want to intimidate you or anyone else. That’s totally against my principles and simply not the way I roll. Unlike the pro-abortion people who threw a brick through the window of my employers’ home, or physically assaulted them, or vandalized our offices or vandalized a pro-life billboard and firebombed a pro-life bus in Rockford.

In fact, I want you to talk about abortion as loud and as long as you can physically hold up the effort. I am a vociferous supporter of the First Amendment and your right to be wrong and loud about it.

But even more than that, I hope you continue speaking out about abortion because I think it helps my cause. As my colleague John Jansen often says, I wish the pro-abortion movement had it’s own 24 hour cable channel, because the more people hear what you guys have to say, the less they like it.

People are uncomfortable about abortion. The more they have to think about it, the less they like it. Why else would people react so violently when they encounter pictures of “a simple medical procedure”?

Pro-Choice Activism Just Not That Threatening

Contrary to Klabusich’s baseless allegations in her follow-up post, as of last year people self-identifying as pro-choice were at a record low. That’s why Planned Parenthood got off that sinking ship a few months ago.

The pro-choice movement is in a tizzy at the lack of doctors willing to perform abortions and the fact that abortion clinics have been closing left and right over the last few years.

Katie’s has been one of many voices terrified at the waves and waves of “anti-choice” legislation that have been passing the last several years, and just last month Klabusich was fuming that even the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history isn’t pro-abortion enough for her.

So I’m not sweating it, Katie. If I was, I would never have commented on your piece in the first place. I care about the truth, and I care about you. I want you to stop advocating for abortion because I think it’s bad for you.

But if you’re gonna do it, shout it from the housetops. Make sure as many people as possible know exactly what you support when you support abortion.

I Only Ask One Thing: Be Honest

The only thing I ask if you’re going to vocally support the dismembering of babies in their mothers’ wombs is that you be honest about it. Here’s what an “abortion doula” who helps women through their abortions had to say about our pictures:

Those pictures pro-life activists flash are real. That is what a fetus looks like when its head is crushed. When you see the procedure, you must decide, as a pro-choice person, whether you are in or out.

I want you to keep talking, Katie. Just acknowledge the truth. You in, or you out?

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