Planned Parenthood Condemns, Then Praises Ad Promoting Free Birth Control through Obamacare

Earlier this week a Colorado-based group called Thanks Obamacare released a series of graphics.

Here’s one of them:

If your first reaction is to think that this is obviously satire, you’re not alone.

In fact, Planned Parenthood thought the very same thing.

Here’s what Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado tweeted out on November 12:

But after numerous Twitter users pointed out that the ad was real, and not satire, PPVC tweeted this less than three hours later:

Remember, this is the very same ad we’re talking about here. When Planned Parenthood judges — incorrectly — that the ad is satire, it amounts to “slut-shaming,” and is to be condemned.

But when the “Oh, wait” moment arrives, the ad suddenly ceases to be bad and instantly becomes “good.”

Got it?

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