Florida Abortionist Tries to Intimidate Pro-Life Protesters, Steals Their Sign

Abortionist Emil Felski steals a sign placed outside his office that reads, “Repent Dr. Felski!”

Last week we wrote about a recent Ms. Magazine article that unwittingly proves a point we’ve been making for decades: protesting abortionists works.

It works because abortionists don’t like it. And if the protest is held outside their regular private practice office, then they really don’t like it.

As if to prove this point, the very next day a group of pro-life activists had an unusual experience as they protested outside abortionist Emil Felski’s private Ob/Gyn office in Casselberry, Florida. (Felski kills babies in small numbers at his regular office, and he kills them in large numbers at Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando.)

So upset was Felski by the sight of pro-life protesters that he got out of his car, attempted to intimidate them by taking their picture, and stole their sign that said, “Repent Dr. Felski”:

The pro-lifers then did exactly what they should have done: they called the police and reported this incident of stolen property. And, God bless them, they’re pressing charges:

If Emil Felski isn’t happy about the sight of pro-life protesters outside his private practice office, there’s a very easy way for him to make them go away: Stop committing abortions.

HT: Michele Herzog via Jill Stanek

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