Chicago Tribune Covers League Protests of Abortionist Cheryl Chastine

Protest of Cheryl Chastine's officeAn article about our recent protests of abortionist Cheryl Chastine appeared last week in the Chicago Tribune, making it clear that Chastine should expect to be seeing us outside her office on a regular basis.

The purpose of our protests is simple: Chastine is killing babies at South Wind Women’s Center abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, and we want her to quit.

South Wind is owned by Trust Women, a PAC led by lobbyist Julie Burkhart, a former employee of abortionist George Tiller. Burkhart was quoted in the article as saying:

If you have a medical practice that also incorporates abortion care into it, then it’s challenging because of the social and political climate in which we live to find physicians who are willing to take that on because of the real dangers out there

Note Burkhart’s use of the oxymoronic phrase “abortion care”—spoken like a seasoned abortion industry lobbyist.

She is right about one thing, though: there is very much a “danger” that that if you’re a doctor and you do abortions, you’re going to find protesters outside your office. Indeed, that’s precisely why most doctors don’t want to touch abortion with a ten-foot pole.

Memo to doctors: Don’t like protesters outside your office? Don’t do abortions.

Burkhart was also quoted as saying our protests are an attempt to “intimidate and scare (Chastine) out of providing reproductive health care services.”

Note, once again, the seasoned abortion industry lobbyist’s use of the euphemism “reproductive health care services” — as if we were opposed to Chastine doing prenatal check-ups and delivering babies!

Interestingly, Chastine herself refused to be interviewed for the article.  That speaks volumes.

Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler was also quoted in the article as saying there is “lot of motivation” to protest Chastine on the part of pro-lifers.

Indeed, the details of our next protest outside her office will be announced soon. Watch this space.

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